Frequently Asked Questions about Bail Bonds in Missoula


Making Bail

When you, a friend, or a family member gets arrested and put in jail you may not know exactly what to do - especially If you have never been exposed to arrests and or the court system.  There are so many questions and even more different circumstances.  The BondSquad, an experienced Missoula Bail Bonds company is here to help.  We have put together some Frequently Asked Questions on this page.  However,  for specific questions pertinent to your case, please call 406-721-6745 to speak with one of our professional bonds man.  

What do you do if you, a family member or a friend gets arrested and needs help fast?

Call us, Missoula Bond Squad, immediately at 406-721-6745.  We take calls 24 hours a day seven days a week.  We have experienced Bail Bondsman available to help walk you through the process for bail bonds in Missoula, Ravalli & Mineral County. 

How soon can you get a person released from jail?

Once we receive your call, our bail bondsmen can be there in approximate 15 minutes to turn in the bond and secure the defendant’s release.  

What is Bail?

After being arrested (in Missoula, Hamilton Superior or Butte) a defendant may be able to get out of jail before trial by posting what’s known as bail.  The court will decide if the defendant can be released on bail.  If so,  the court will set the amount of money  (bail)  that is required for your jail release, also referred to as Setting Bail.  The bail money is paid to the court to ensure that the defendant appears to all of their court hearings.  The Bail is refunded after the defendant has attended all their court hearings and the case is completed.

How much is Bail?

The amount varies according to the charges and other circumstances but it can often be more than you or a family member / friend can afford.

What happens if you don’t have enough money to pay bail?

Call Missoula Bond Squad, we are a reputable bond agency and we can provide a Bail Bond for your release, or the release of a loved one.

Missoula Bond Squad - Bail Bonds

What is a Bail Bond?

 When the bail is paid by a bail bond agency, such as Missoula BondSquad, then it is called a Bail Bond. The bonding agency will make the bail for the defendant, and like a loan, there is a fee to obtain it and it is secured with some type of collateral put up by the defendant, family member, or friend.

Can Missoula Bond Squad help quide us through court procedures and recommend an attorney?

Yes, We can give you guidance with court procedures and we have several attorneys we work with so we can make recommendations for the best attorney for your case.  We can also provide assistance with Scram, GPS, & Drug Testing.  We are the bail bonds company for you!

More Questions?

Get free and confidential information regarding jail release and bail bonds today be calling us, Missoula Bond Squad at 406-721-6745.